Eazel Compressor 3.01: Fast and powerful compressor that works with all popular formats

Eazel Compressor 3.01

Eazel 2.1 is a powerful compressor specially designed to handle files over the Internet. It is multi-format: serves to compress and decompress zip, RAR, 7ZIP... In addition, it works much faster than other similar applications. With Eazel 2.1 you can also do backups, protect files with password, compress and send automatically files compressed by e-mail, burn them on CD/DVD or upload them to an FTP server.

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CompreXX 4.1: Archives Behave Like Folders in Explorer! Create RAR, SIT, ACE, 7ZIP!

CompreXX 4.1

Archives behave like folders in Explorer! Browse, copy files from, and add files to archives just like any regular folder. The plug-in based product can directly compress RAR, ACE, SIT, 7ZIP, and extract many more using a single application. The product also contains 4 stand-alone archive applications - command line, wizards, WinZip style, and a professional archive studio. Email attachments you send with Outlook are automatically compressed.

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Corrupt PPTX Salvager 1.0.1: GUI app salvages text from slides and notes of corrupt pptx presentations.

Corrupt PPTX Salvager 1.0.1

Pptx files are in reality, zipped collections of xml files. This present program is a simple GUI app for corrupt pptx text recovery. It uses the zip corruption hardy 7zip as unzipper. Additionally the regular expressions used for text extraction from the constituent xml slide files doesn`t depend on strict XML well formedness rules which PowerPoint seems to oddly use for reading XML files even during data recovery.

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Binary Xtractor 1.1: Binary Xtractor allows you to extract files of popular type (like GIF,JPG,BMP) f

Binary Xtractor 1.1

Binary Xtractor allows you to extract files of popular type (like GIF,JPG,BMP) from other files, even those of unknown type. It searches for characteristic data structures and saves what if finds in separate files. You can use it to get files from programs, rare archive formats, unknown files, corrupted and truncated files etc. Basically it is a tool you can use when normal unarchivers like 7Zip, WinZIP or WinRAR can`t read your file. It can also

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Alpha ZIP 1.3: The easiest to use zip file utility - no fuss, no difficulties, no problems!

Alpha ZIP 1.3

Alpha ZIP is the easiest way to handle zip files and other compressed formats, offering a range of new features and a unique level of integration with Windows. No more grappling with complicated ZIP software! Make handling ZIP files quick and easy. AlphaZip also supports most other compressed formats, including 7-zip. No need to pay extra for advanced features like Self Extracting Archives or Compress and Email. Everything you need is included.

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